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This page is changing. As I get new data into my database or find new things to add to this site I make changes. Please bookmark this page and visit often. Please check any information you have provided me to make sure it is correct. I appreciate your comments, suggestions, corrections and additions to information on this site.


Some of the information on this site is incomplete to protect the privacy of living people. Specific details may be available in my master database, but to protect the privacy of living people I have removed dates and places for people under 100 years old unless I have specific death or burial dates.

You may have arrived here if you tried to access one of pages on my old site. All the data that was there is here, but some of the URLs have changed. If you can not find what you are looking for please send me an email and I will try to provide a new link to the data. Email:

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Genealogy information

Surname list

This is a complete list of Surnames in my files. Many of these names are spouses of distant relatives and I may have little if any additional information on these people. Data on living people is masked to protect their privacy. I may have more information, please contact me for details. Surnames

3rd Great Grandfathers

The following is a list of my 16, 3rd Great Grandfathers. All but one is known. I have not been able to identify Mr. O'Brien. Each link will take you to a book style report listing their descendants I have found. The data on living people has been masked to protect their privacy. Some of these reports are over 100 pages long and contain 700 or more descendants.

These reports are "WORKING DOCUMENTS'. They contain the best information I had available when they were created, but they may contain errors. I plan to revise each of these reports occasionally to make corrections and add new information. If you find errors or have additional information that should be included on any of these people please contact me.

Thomas York

Elias Ratcliff

Daniel Camp

Martin Beatty Travis

Richard Bates

Jehu Cook

Lemuel Garrison

Edmund Hillman

Ebenezer H. Hennen

James Hollingsworth


Israel Hoover

Ruel Roark

Thomas Raley

Thomas Climie

Levi Ray

In some cases I have gained information on descendants of SOME of my 4th Great Grandfathers. This data has come from other researchers and I am NOT actively researching all these lines like I am the descendants of my 3rd Great Grandfathers. Since I have this information I will share it. As you can see I only have 21 of my 31 (I descend from Barnabus RAY two ways) 4th Great Grandfathers identified.



Job Ratcliff


William Travis


Benoni Mills

Andrew Mart

John Beyer

Isaac Clark Bates

Joseph Cook

Lemuel Garrison

Samuel Hillman

William Davidson

William Pike

Nathaniel Batson


Mathew Hennen

James Hollingsworth Sr



Christopher Young

Sylvanus Swain


Barnabus Ray

Timothy Roark

Robert Raley Jr.


Barnabus Ray


Henry Carver


Norvel Spencer Allcock


In 1910, Dighton M. Bates visited many of his relatives and compiled a genealogy of the BATES family. In 1962, Madge Bates updated and typed Dighton Bates' compilation.  I scanned a photo copy of this book in 2001, and made it available to all researchers. There were some typographical errors in the copy of Madge's work and there may be some more that I introduced in scanning her work.  I have proof read this copy against the photo copy I have of Madge's original and tried to correct all the errors, however I may have missed some.  If you find errors or need me to recheck some information just send me an message and I will try to verify the information in the photo copy in my files. William Bates and Descendants

If you are a descendant of any of these people I would like to hear from you. I appreciate any corrections or additions you can provide and would be happy to exchange information please contact me at Email:

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